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Welcome to Asindera. We hope you enjoy our collection of tips, recipes and products intended to enhance your home, home office and lifestyle.


We now offer products through Etsy – available world wide! View the items by clicking any image, selecting Etsy from the tool bar at the top of the page, or by clicking on Visit our Etsy Shop


While Etsy is now carrying our main product line, our personal shop carries a limited number of items for the New Zealand market only. We are always seeking out new items to list. If you have a product you’d like to market through our page please contact us.

We believe in approaching life in a frugal way. Like most couples there are times where having enough is a challenge and there’s always a new bill or obligation coming up. So we save the best we can, but we don’t want to compromise too much in quality or comfort. This is what we mean by a frugal lifestyle.

99% of our meals are homemade and I have many of them in the Recipes category in the blog (select Recipes from the menu bar or select Blog and chose recipes for the category) . This not only saves a huge amount of cost but allows me to control the contents – I can watch the salt and sugar, I know the ingredients are fresh, etc. Meals made at home are a fraction of the price of eating out. 

Our tips are an assortment of little things that we have found works for us to help manage the household and save little bits where we can. Did you know washing towels without fabric softener not only saves the cost but makes the towels more absorbent? See other tips on our Tips page.

We learned a lot about the nuances of working-from-home and are passing along some hopefully useful suggestions. Click ‘Working from Home‘ or select that tab from the menu bar.

We also learned a lot about entrepreneurial efforts and building an Internet presence. I have created some posts to get you started, you can see the first one here: Build you own Website part 1.

We hope you like our page and please drop us a note via our contact page and/or sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with anything that is going on at Asindera. And please like our Facebook page (see below).

Thank you for visiting.

Jim & Myrna

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