• American style sausage

    Tasty ‘American Style’ mock sausage – my style

    This ‘sausage’ I came up with takes me back home a little. I couldn’t find what I used to call Breakfast Sausage from America in New Zealand so I managed to come up with my own. Since I couldn’t find the flavor I was used to in sausage after I moved to New Zealand I decided to do a little research and came up with seasonings that do the job for me. My wife agrees based on trips we took to the States that it reminds her of what we would get when we dined out for breakfast. And of course it’s economical.   500g (1 lb) ground pork 1…

  • Frugal tips

    The most frugal Chicken Stock ever, couldn’t cost less

    Using the scraps from trimming vegetables and bones from a roasted chicken you can make a nice chicken stock for virtually no cost – frugal to the max! Reducing costs is always a worthy goal. Using things that would normally end up in the garbage to produce a nice stock is the ultimate in cost conservation. Many things we toss when processing vegetables have value for stocks, stews and soups if you hold onto them and use a little planning.   Save the bones when you have roasted a chicken and removed all the meat. Also save the root ends of carrots, celery and onions during the week because there…

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