• Salmon with whole grain mustard

    Salmon with whole grain Mustard – delicious and #1 for health

    Salmon is not only delicious but extremely healthy. This version with whole grain mustard is simply wonderful. Fresh salmon – whatever fillet or steaks will serve your required number of servings. Whole grain mustard – 1 Tbl per salmon steak (and/or enough to cover fillets/steaks with a thick layer) Salt and pepper vegetable oil Chopped chives or parsley for garnish if desired Season the salmon with salt and pepper and top with the whole grain mustard making a thick layer covering the entire piece. Preheat an oven on grill setting to 195c (380f). Heat an oven proof skillet over high heat until very hot. Add just enough cooking oil to…

  • Sesame Fish

    Sesame Fish – delightful and simple

    This method of cooking with sesame oil works with any white fish. In this case I used Hoki but any similar variety (eg. cod, perch) works fine. 2 Tbl sesame seeds 2 Tbl sesame oil (which has many health benefits) 300-500g white fish (1/2 – 1 lb fish) Chopped fresh parsley or chives juice of 1/2 lemon Toast sesame seeds (like you would for Tahini)  over medium heat stirring often until lightly browned. Careful, they can go from toasted to burned in the blink of an eye. Remove to a bowl and stir/toss to cook as fast as possible. In the same pan add sesame oil and raise heat to…

  • Mushroom and Red Wine Sauce

    Delicious Mushroom and Red Wine Sauce

    Delicious Mushroom and Red Wine Sauce I enjoy red wine with my steak and love sautéed mushrooms on top so I often combine the two. It makes a wonderful sauce for beef. Here I served it on a nice sirloin steak, twice-baked potato and steamed asparagus. Yum! This delicious mushroom sauce is surprisingly simple and takes no time at all. I’m typically cooking it just when the steaks come off the heat and are resting. I recommend a nice cabernet sauvignon for the wine but go with whatever red wine you like. Remember the #1 rule of cooking with wine. If you wouldn’t drink it, don’t cook with it! 1-2…

  • Ultimate Social Media
    News of the Day

    Ultimate Social Media – #1 plugin for great Social connections

    Ultimate Social Media   If you have a Webpage you already know the critical importance of Social Media. And if you are using the WordPress.org structure then you definitely need the USM plugin. You can see the buttons in use on our Home page. This add-on makes it super easy to add Social likes, follow or share buttons to assorted locations on your site. And even if where you want to place the icons isn’t already built it you can use shortcode to place the icons anywhere you like! USM supports a huge number of social platforms: Facebook Twitter YouTube LinkedIn Pinterest Instagram Snapchat And many many more! No advanced…

  • Ultimate Social Media
    News of the Day

    Website Hosting – we find HostGator #1 for a great host

    HostGator website hosting     Looking for Web Hosting? HostGator is the web hosting option we have used for  Asindera.com and we’re very pleased with it. Domains were easy to get, SSL is included, and you can set up your site as a WordPress page at the click of a button. Here’s some of the features I find most valuable: 99% up-time 24/7 online chat for support unlimited email addresses for your site free SSL support Great choices of hosting options from shared servers all the way to your own fully dedicated server Add as many domains as you like and HostGator will maintain, renew, and even protect your registrant…

  • Garden Ties
    Frugal tips,  Tips

    Garden ties from old cloth strips – great frugal tip

    We use a cloth type washcloth for our dishes. They wear out over time. Instead of disposing them I cut them into strips for use in the garden as garden ties. After our dish washcloths wear out I cut them into strips. Then I use them in the garden to tie up plants that require staking. I found that twine can cut into the stems as the plants move in the wind, and using cloth is better. This way the plants are treated more gently and it’s only costing me something I would throw away anyway. As a bonus they end up decomposing.  

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