• Pork and Onions

    Sweet and Sour pork and onions – deliciously different

    Sweet and Sour pork and onions, a nice change of pace from standard pan fried pork chops. Serves 2 2 pork chops 1 1/2 cups chicken stock 2 medium onions, sliced 1/4 cup sweet wine (such as a Rosé, or apple juice works nicely if you prefer not to use wine) 3 Tbl cider vinager 2 cloves 2 Tbl cornstarch dissolved in a little water Braising the pork (a combination of searing the meat then cooking in liquid) lets you add nice flavor via the liquid an also keeps the pork nice and moist. Don’t worry about the (apparent) excess onions used – they will soften and add their unique…

  • Goldenrod Finished

    Eggs Goldenrod – a pretty and hearty breakfast

    Eggs Goldenrod I started making eggs goldenrod for my kids when they were young. It was an easy way to fill them up in the morning and they loved it. In fact I was very gratified when my daughter told me that she had been making the dish for her kids. I’m glad my grandchildren got this passed-down recipe. I usually have hard-boiled eggs in the fridge so there was not very much prep. With some milk to make a Béchamel there wasn’t much else to do and the goldenrod came together reasonably quickly. A heartwarming and filling dish for a gold winter day. I suggest pre-heating the plates for…

  • Building your own Website

    Namecheap – Big Discounts on Domains, Hosting and more

    Namecheap – Big Discounts for Domains, Hosting, SSL and more Namecheap offers a variety of services at a low cost. Domains. Highlighting a specific range of TLDs (domain extensions) for your audience to choose from will help you appeal to your demographic. And with Namecheap there is a huge range of domains available, all with great, low prices Hosting: Namecheap offers a wide range of robust hosting packages with 100% uptime guaranteed. Your audience can choose from Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Server packages depending on their requirements. VPS Hosting Dedicated Servers: Earn higher commissions promoting powerful and reliable servers for big websites! Our competitive pricing and high quality standards…

  • Oven steak

    Oven Steak – delicious and an alternative to grilling

    Oven baked steak – simple and an alternative to using the grill Usually I prefer cooking steak on my grill but sometimes (most often due to weather) I prefer doing it inside in the oven. It comes out juicy and mouth-watering with a minimal effort. I usually use sirloin but any cut of steak will do. While the hugely popular fillet mignon is known for being super tender I tend to think that a cut with a little more marbling (e.g. sirloin, porterhouse or T-bone) have a lot more flavor due to the streaks of fat and can be just as tender if you handle the meat properly. Always take…

  • Chicken Potato Gratin

    Mustard Chicken with Potatoes Gratin – stunning!

    Mustard Chicken with Potatoes Gratin Looking elegant on the plate this refreshing spin on baked chicken is delightful. The earthy floral hints of the thyme combine nicely with the pungent flavor of the mustard. Along with a nice green salad and a nice Sauvignon Blanc this dish is sure to please. If at all possible work with fresh thyme; it seems the dried version doesn’t work well in this case – but if that’s all you have then it’s better than nothing. Chicken and potatoes are naturals together. Yields 2-3 servings 2 Tbl wholegrain mustard 1 packet onion soup mix 1 Tbl fresh rosemary leaves, chopped 2 tsp seasoned salt,…

  • Bolognese Sauce

    Bolognese sauce – a classic Italian meat sauce

    Iconic in the world of pasta sauces is Bolognese. Ragù alla bolognese (or simply ragu) in Italian, this classic meat sauce is most likely people are thinking of when they think of ‘spaghetti’ sauce. There are many variations but this is the most common approach. For convenience I usually use minced beef I get from the supermarket but it you want to really do Bolognese right you will need to go to a butcher and have some chuck steak rough ground so it’s still quite chunky. Make sure there is a good amount of marbling in the meat so that you get the best flavor. If you are using ground beef…

  • News of the Day

    Namecheap – Buy a Domain name, Hosting, SSL and More

    Namecheap – get your Domain NameCheap is a low cost but inexpensive site where you can purchase your own domain or CDN. Whether you need a Domain, a Host, a CDN, and many other services Namecheap might be the only place you need to go. Domains can be as low a $0.99 in some cases. They have expert online masterclasses, lots of how-to videos, Namecheap is a site definitely worth checking out. Your Domain is the first thing you need to consider when creating an online presence and some say that it is the single most critical. It tells users the basics about your Website, and many users make decisions based…

  • Building a Website
    Building your own Website

    Building a Website part 4: Customizing and Tweaking

    Building a Website – Customization and Tweaking All the basics should be ready by now. You have a domain, a host service, and have made sure SSL is in effect and http redirects are sending all addresses to your https address. Now it’s time to design and customize. Since I have recommended the WordPress structure and I’m most familiar with it I will continue with specific WordPress items and offer some details about building your Website.. For a WordPress site the first thing is your choice of theme. You didn’t need to decide this before starting building your website but now that the beginning steps have been done that should…

  • Shrimp Udon Noodles

    Shrimp with Lemon Grass and Udon Noodles

    For a touch of Asian cuisine use some basic Asian condiments and methods for an easy touch of Eastern flair. In this case I use Udon noodles and Lemon Grass along with Shrimp. Critical to stir-fry is having all the ingredients ready. The French term for this is Mise en place. This means nothing more than having all the ingredients prepped: Cut into ready to use pieces, measured, etc. This is because when stir-frying you use high heat and cook the food quickly. If you take the time to peel, chop, etc. what you have in the pan will burn. So have everything ready and sitting next to the stove in order…

  • Building a Website
    Building your own Website

    Building a Website part 3: You have a Host, now what?

    Building your own Website – You have a Domain and Host – now what? Now that you have a domain and a host you will probably be excited to get going building your website. But there are some things you must check to make sure they are correct before you get things started wrong. I will list them in what I think is the most important order. SSL and security SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It’s what causes the little padlock to show on the left of the address in most browsers, and site addresses will begin with https if SSL is in effect. Why does this matter? Well, it’s…

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