• Thyme and Bees

    Pruning – think of the bees and their importance!

    Think about the bees when you prune your flowers! Bees are an extremely valuable part of the ecosystem. In an article I found their importance is discussed and I’ve read numerous other sources that say the same thing. They are the pollinators for a great variety of our foods and without them we’d have to say goodbye to our apples, melons, cranberries, asparagus and many more items. Just Google “the importance of bees” and you will find many sources. Personally, I have to admit that I’m a little scared of bees because of some nasty childhood experiences. But since I love flowers and growing my own herbs, vegetables and fruits I’ve…

  • News of the Day

    Just in time for Christmas! Vanilla scented Candle

    Asindera’s Vanilla & Caramel scented candle Black Friday Sale! 10% off! 3 days only Hand Crafted Delightful Vanilla & Caramel scent (with a slight background of coconut) Long burning Makes an excellent gift This candle is of a simple design in so it will match with any décor. It is made with coconut wax so  it’s long burning and adds a slight hint of coconut to the vanilla and caramel combining into a wonderful aroma. Coconut wax burns clean and is also slow burning so the candle will last a long time. You will really enjoy the fragrance it adds to any room. There is only limited stock available. Click…

  • Pork or Chicken Chili 6

    Pork or Chicken Chili – an alternative to Beef

    Pork or Chicken Chili – an alternative to Beef. Traditionally chili con carne is made with beef, but many people are shying away from beef for a variety of reasons and don’t often think of pork or chicken as an alternative. The issue is with the fat content. In my opinion chili needs a little fat to have the right flavor and texture but pork and chicken are very lean. So you need to augment and I do so with butter. Here’s my approach. Serves 2 Approx. 300g (1/2 lb.) Pork mince (or chicken mince) Approx. 1/2 cup each red, yellow, green capsicum (bell pepper) or any combination thereof, chopped…

  • Building your own Website

    Picking a Web Hosting service – Support is critical

    When choosing a Web Hosting service you will find that you will sometimes need support. Whether it’s something you don’t understand or something that you don’t have access to you will sometimes need support from your hosting service. Knowing someone is there to help is critical. We use WPMUDEV as our Hosting Service and their 24/7 online support is fantastic! You can either open a support ticket yourself and they will keep you informed via email, or you have chat available to reach a support agent any day at any time. I always get fast responses and 90% of the time issues are solved immediately. If they need to look…

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