• Working from home
    Working from Home

    Working from Home – some hopefully helpful insights

    Working from home (whether as part of a regular job or being self employed) has become more and more normal and I think that will only continue. I think there are some important things to keep in mind and do to keep yourself as productive and happy as possible. Some people adapt to working from home better than others. I happen to prefer it. I enjoy the solitude, lack of interruptions, lack of office babble about peoples kids or the latest football game, etc. I can take breaks when I feel I need them, eat when I’m ready to and not be limited to a ‘lunch hour’, and be available…

  • Seasoned salt jar
    Recipes,  Seasonings

    Seasoned Salt – salt with that ‘special extra’

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with traditional salt and pepper for seasoning. But for many dishes I prefer Seasoned Salt – salt with something more. Many dishes gain an extra layer of favor using seasoned salt. It brings additional subtle elements that gives that ‘special something’ to many recipes. While not for every recipe I find myself using it quite often, For example, it’s a must-have for Myrna’s Meatloaf! Seasoned Salt has been around a long time but I think the person who brought the idea into the mainstream was Emeril Lagasse and his trademark ‘BAM!’ when he would add some seasoning. I was surprised that he finally published his…

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