• Dryer
    Frugal tips

    Add dish towel to Dryer to dry clothes faster

    Add a dry towel to the dryer along with the other items to improve drying speed saving both time and money When you add your wet clothes to the dryer throw in a dry dish towel, tea towel, pillow case, etc. This simple trick will make the clothes dry faster saving both time and money. Give it a try – it really works!

  • Garden Ties
    Frugal tips,  Tips

    Garden ties from old cloth strips – great frugal tip

    We use a cloth type washcloth for our dishes. They wear out over time. Instead of disposing them I cut them into strips for use in the garden as garden ties. After our dish washcloths wear out I cut them into strips. Then I use them in the garden to tie up plants that require staking. I found that twine can cut into the stems as the plants move in the wind, and using cloth is better. This way the plants are treated more gently and it’s only costing me something I would throw away anyway. As a bonus they end up decomposing.  

  • Steamer using pot and strainer
    Frugal tips,  Tips

    If you don’t have a steamer, make one – it’s easy!

    Steaming is the most healthy way of cooking most vegetables and it preserves not only the nutrients but the color. Having a steamer on hand is a great idea. There are many steamers out there, one of the most well known is the bamboo variety used in Chinese cooking. But if you don’t have access to one and/or are limited in space for too many specialist extras you can easily engineer your own. By using a standard pot with lid and a strainer that has pot hooks all you need to do is put enough water into the pan to almost come up to the bottom of the strainer, put…

  • Frugal tips

    The most frugal Chicken Stock ever, couldn’t cost less

    Using the scraps from trimming vegetables and bones from a roasted chicken you can make a nice chicken stock for virtually no cost – frugal to the max! Reducing costs is always a worthy goal. Using things that would normally end up in the garbage to produce a nice stock is the ultimate in cost conservation. Many things we toss when processing vegetables have value for stocks, stews and soups if you hold onto them and use a little planning.   Save the bones when you have roasted a chicken and removed all the meat. Also save the root ends of carrots, celery and onions during the week because there…

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