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Corel Products

It’s well known that Corel makes some of the best graphics software available. Take a look – most have trial periods so you can check them out with no risk.

Corel Special Offers

Corel has many products on special pricing for a limited time. Click here to view the full range, or look at my personal choices below.

Corel Paint Shop Pro

Paint Shop Pro


Paint Shop Pro is fantastic imaging software. I use it to control all the images on our page. While Photoshop is the most recognized name and is very powerful, Paint Shop has most of the same features, is better priced, easier to use and has a smaller footprint while running. I couldn’t be happier with what I got for my money and if you want photo/image editing software you must give this one a try.

Special offer available now!



Corel Draw

Corel Draw


Corel Draw is also a great product and many people prefer it over Paint Shop. It uses vector graphics (which Paint Shop does not) which is an advantage in certain applications. It’s a little heavy in memory and can feel a bit slow but any good computer with lots of memory and a good processor (which almost  all current models do) those issues shouldn’t be a problem. .





Corel Video Studio

Corel Video Studio


Corel Video Studio is a powerful video editor with a surprisingly clear and simple interface. It has extremely fast rendering, support for 360-degree VR, 4K Ultra HD and 3D media. It also includes Multipoint Motion tracking, Color grading and a nice stop motion tool. It has been rated at 4 out of 5 stars by PC Magazine. The latest release has improved the performance even more and added Instant Project Templates. A must-have for video work!





Win Zip Pro


It’s hard to imagine working with my computer and sharing information with others without WinZip. It’s the undisputed #1 in compression software and can unzip all major file formats, zip files to reduce email attachment size, protect files with banking-level encryption, connect to Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and more! When installed it provides zip options when right-clicking on any item or group of items and you can then easily move or copy files into a zip file with a couple simple clicks. There is no better product for it’s purpose and we highly recommend it.










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