All Purpose Seasoning – a fantastic blend of herbs and spices


  • No MSG
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Fresh-ground bulk spices for maximum freshness
  • New Zealand made
  • Produced exclusively for Asindera Limited
  • 65g net

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My custom recipe for all purpose seasoning

This is my all-purpose seasoning from Jim’s Kitchen which will replace standard salt and pepper in your general cooking. A nice blend of herbs and spices which will add that little something extra to your dishes.

This mix comes from years of perfecting a blend that was just right. It gives a much greater depth of flavor to your meals and if you replace salt with this blend as part of an overall low-sodium diet you will lower your overall sodium intake (which we all know is a good thing).

Use it on chips, eggs, and as an ingredient to any dish you would normally add salt and pepper and taste your food at a new level!



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