Meat Rub – Add a special extra to your steaks, chops and chicken


  • No MSG
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Fresh-ground bulk spices for maximum freshness
  • New Zealand made
  • Produced exclusively for Asindera Limited
  • 65g net

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My custom recipe for a meat rub

This is my Meat Rub recipe that use on my steaks, pork chops, chicken – any meat of your choice. Rub a generous amount onto all sides of the meat and rest for at least 2 hours in the refrigerator (the longer you leave it, the more flavor will penetrate into the meat). Add a little or a lot depending on the intensity you prefer.

It adds a slight sweet/hot element to your dish but it doesn’t overpower the base taste of the meat – it just sits nicely in the background adding it’s special elements.

I love this blend and use it every time we have steaks or pork chops, less often on chicken depending on how I plan to cook it.

I’m sure you’ll love it and want to use it often yourself. Give it a try!



Note that some ingredients may have passed their ‘best before’ date but overall product quality is fine


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