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Just in time for Christmas! Vanilla scented Candle

Asindera’s Vanilla & Caramel scented candle

Black Friday Sale! 10% off! 3 days only

Vanilla and Caramel scented candle

  • Hand Crafted
  • Delightful Vanilla & Caramel scent (with a slight background of coconut)
  • Long burning
  • Makes an excellent gift

This candle is of a simple design in so it will match with any décor. It is made with coconut wax so  it’s long burning and adds a slight hint of coconut to the vanilla and caramel combining into a wonderful aroma. Coconut wax burns clean and is also slow burning so the candle will last a long time. You will really enjoy the fragrance it adds to any room.

There is only limited stock available. Click here to learn more and purchase.

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