Peeling, Slicing and Chopping Onions – Make it easier

Peeling, Slicing and chopping onions sometimes feels like a chore. There are ways to make it easier on yourself.

Not only are onions a core flavoring ingredient for many dishes they are also quite good for you as this article points out.

Slicing Onions




First, peeling the onion. On both ends and the same side cut through the onion almost all the way through.





Slicing Onions





This will allow you to easily grab the inner skin and pull it off in one piece.




Slicing Onions




If you are planning to make perfect onion rings (perhaps for battering and deep frying) I suggest putting a tea towel on the cutting board to help stop the onion from sliding around as they can be somewhat slippery (and this is a common cause of kitchen knife injuries).




Slicing Onions




If you’re planning to chop the onions (which is what I’m normally doing) cut off one end vertically to make a nice flat surface. Then when you set the onion on the flat side it will be very stable.





Slicing Onions





Slice the onions to the desired thickness.




Slicing Onions




Then stack  the slices. Cut through the stack at the desired thickness carefully keeping the stack slices intact (I usually support the stacks with my fingers as I cut). Then rotate the stack or cutting board 90 degrees and cut through the stack slices creating diced onions.




Slicing Onions





In no time you’ll have a nice pile of diced onions ready to use. You can can continue to chop them to make minced onions but I normally don’t need to go that far.




Into the dish they go and you’ve saved a lot of time compared to other way of peeling and chopping onions. Plus it’s easy to have the same sized pieces which is always helpful from a time-management while cooking standpoint.

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