Vanilla Caramel Candle – A Wonderful Scent


Asindera’s Vanilla & Caramel scented candle

  • Hand Crafted
  • Delightful Vanilla & Caramel scent (with a slight background of coconut)
  • Long burning
  • Makes an excellent gift


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Asindera’s Vanilla & Caramel scented candle

This candle is of a simple design in so it will match with any décor. It is made with coconut wax so  it’s long burning and adds a slight hint of coconut to the vanilla and caramel aroma. Coconut wax is very slow burning so the candle will last a long time.

Vanilla and Carmel. Yum!

Vanilla and Caramel



Note that at extremely high inside temperatures (approx. 30c) the wax can soften and melt slightly (and also keeping it  out of direct sunlight will also help lessen the effect. Simply place in the refrigerator or a cooler room for a while will let it set back up.


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