Roasted Garlic ready to use

Roasted Garlic – soft and sweet Garlic flavor

Roasted Garlic results in a soft, sweet and gentle Garlic flavor.

Spread the roasted garlic on bread/toast or add to a variety of dishes for a delightful garlic touch without the normal intensity.

Roasting garlic is a simple process and the results are amazing. The garlic becomes soft and sweet and quite mild while still retaining the garlic flavor. It takes just a bit of time in the oven and while it may seem using the oven for such a small item I usually do it while cooking something else (roasting a chicken, cooking a meatloaf, etc.) so the oven heat isn’t wasted. The individual cloves can be roasted in a pan turning carefully and even cooked in a microwave but I’ve tried both those and it’s just not the same.

I usually end up using the roasted garlic in mashed potatoes but it’s also wonderful on fresh toasted hard bread as part of a meal.

Roasted Garlic Prep



Start by cutting off the top of a head of garlic and lightly oiling the surface of the cloves.



Roasted Garlic ready for Oven



Wrap the garlic in foil leaving head space – the goal is to allow the garlic to steam while it is roasting.



Roasted Garlic ready to use



Cook in the oven until the garlic feels very soft. This is typically 60 to 90 minutes at 180 c (350 f) or 30 minutes at 215 c (400 f). Allow to cool slightly then unwrap and view the beautiful results.


There is no need to try to peel anything, just separate the cloves and squeeze out the garlic which will have a pulp like texture (you can just squeeze the whole head for expedience if you want).

Trust me, you’ll find yourself doing this a lot.

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