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Saving water – small things can make a difference

Saving water is a good thing.

While water doesn’t cost much in many places the principle of conserving this most precious of resources is a sound one. I have a few tips.

One of the times I feel I’m wasting water is when I want to do dishes and I let the tap run until the water is hot. I realized there are things I can do with that water until it becomes the temperature I want. Some examples are:

Saving Water JugSaving Water BottleSaving Water Watering Can



  • Fill your water jug.
  • Fill any drinking bottles you may use
  • Fill a jug for watering plants
  • Rinse vegetables you will be using when cooking later or before storing
  • Wet any rags you plan to use soon, or to pre-soak clothes before washing
  • Rinse any dishes of bulk material to make washing easier

A couple other little things:

  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. Once you’ve wet the brush and are actively brushing there is no need to let the tap run.
  • Catch rain water (if you don’t already have tanks). A simple bottle/jug with a funnel will catch more than you think in a decent rain -great for your indoor plants.
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