Tips - using a Bouquet Garni

Tips – Bouquet Garni – tidy way to add herbs

Tips – using a Bouquet Garni when cooking to make working with fresh herbs easier.

I love cooking with fresh herbs and I recommend everyone have their own herb garden which I mentioned in another post. However when using fresh herbs it can be something of a burden removing leaves from stems and other preparations. And throwing stems and all into your dish leaves you fishing out your stems and bits later (and it seems I always miss one and serve someone a nice thyme stem).

The answer is a Bouquet Garni. Simply take your herbs and tie them together with some cook-safe string or twine and add them to your dish. Before serving simply fish out the bundle and all issues are solved. If you use a long enough piece of string you can tie one end to your pot handle making removing it even easier!

Sometimes it’s the simple things that help the most.

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