Tips - growing your own herbs

Tips – Growing your own Herbs. Well worth the effort

Tips – Grow your own Herbs and enjoy the richer flavor anytime

Growing your own herbs is easy and satisfying. Most herbs do quite nicely in containers and can be kept insider or outside as long as they receive enough light (almost all herbs require at least 4 hours of direct sun per day).

I grow parsley, thyme, rosemary and bay leaf since those are the principal ones I use in my cooking. Thyme, rosemary and bay leaf are perennials, parsley is biannual so will need to be replaced every couple years.

Don’t be tempted to grab a mature plant at the grocery store if they are available – they never tend to do well. Go to a garden center and get a younger plant. This gives you much more control over the pot size (parsley for example has a long tap root so needs some space) and more control over soil mixture (thyme for example prefers a soil low in nutrients so I use some fertilizer-free potting soil mixed with some sand and stones).

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