Tips - support plants with caps

Tips – Keeping Plants from sitting in water in their Saucer

Tips – when watering plants usually some water drains into the saucer and therefore the plant sits in it. This can sometimes be fatal.

I have a lot of house plants and I work hard to take care of them properly. Of course they all need watering to varying degrees and it’s inevitable that some drains out and into the saucer I use to protect my furniture. And I have enough to take care of that taking them all outside to water them and then bring them back in is simply too much work.

I tried using some river stones but it seems the plants always slide around a bit and end up falling off or sitting crooked.

Myrna came up with a very simple solution. She started saving the caps from bottles such as soda or my wine and by using the same sized ones in the saucers each plant is raised up an inch or so – so a little over watering isn’t a problem, the plant isn’t forced to sit in water which for some plants can be fatal.

What a frugal solution since we would just be throwing away the caps anyway!

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